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Tobacco Road


Address: 626 S Miami Ave
Tobacco Road (Miami)
FL, 33130


Tobacco Road holds the oldest existing liquor license in the history of Dade County. Its 87-year-old history for debauchery has been chronicled in newspapers, magazines, and books. The "Road" is not merely a bar, it is a legend. It was a speakeasy and gambling hall during Prohibition years and a hangout of mob boss Al Capone. During World War II all of its licenses were revoked by a Judge on charges of "lewd, wanton and lascivious" behavior. Until the early 1980s the police moral squadron annually raided the bar. The "Road" has managed to survive Prohibition, hurricanes, the Depression, the revocation of its liquor license and attempts by the city of Miami to have it legally shut down.

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Phone Number:  (305) 374-1198
Fax: (305) 379-2545
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